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Criminal Lawyer in Baltimore, MD

When you've encountered legal trouble and are looking for a Baltimore, MD, criminal lawyer, don't overlook the work done by the Law Offices of John L. Friedman. With more than 25 years in the field, we'll help you by investigating your case and trying to uncover additional evidence for your defense. We aim to pay personal attention on every case and will present you with defense options for your charges. If possible, we'll try to negotiate with prosecutors to have your charges reduced.

We offer representation for a variety of crimes, including drug, sex, white collar, and juvenile cases. Benefits you may receive from us include:

  • Flexible appointment availability
  • Quick response times
  • Local representation

At the Law Offices of John L. Friedman, we'll work to follow up with you and will answer any questions that may arise during the legal process. As a Baltimore, MD, criminal lawyer, we try to make your situation less stressful by taking the time to answer all of your questions. Contact us to learn more about our services.